Sheri Nadelman

Untitled photo

“Give a creative person an opportunity to explore a new medium and beautiful things happen.”

Such is the case with entertainer, Sheri Nadelman. Already a force in the Sarasota area local music scene, Sheri has expanded her talents to include her natural gift of capturing nature through photography.

This newfound passion began when her husband Artie, an accomplished wildlife photographer, urged her to take some photos with his camera. Sheri took to it like a (wait for it) duck to water.

So began a newfound creative avenue for the singer/songwriter to share. “There is something about capturing a beautiful moment in nature that is deeply satisfying and moving. Much like entertaining a crowd, sharing my photos and seeing the joy it brings to people makes me so very happy.”

Sheri is delighted and so very proud to share her natural talent through her photos. She hopes you enjoy the world through her lens as much as you enjoy her music!

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