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About Me

Art (or Artie as some of you know him) started serious photography while in college -- first with the college yearbook and later, he became the university photographer working out of the public relations office.

It was there that he developed his love for taking wildlife pictures, as he developed a relationship with the park rangers at a nearby state park. Art was allowed to access all areas of the park, including those not available to the general public, where he spent hours and hours walking among the deer, birds, snakes, bears, wild cats and other flora and fauna of the park.  It was here, in fact, that he produced a slide show for the Florida Department of Natural Resources which was utilized for many, many years.

Art now has rekindled this love for wildlife photography he developed more than 40 years ago (yes, that long ago) and he is sharing his new photos with you. If you like what he does, please share this page with your friends.

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